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Tibetan Political Leadership Election Campaign Underway

The Washington-based Radio Free Asia (Tibetan Language) interviewed the incumbent Sikyong, Dr Lobsang Sangay, the leading candidate in the forthcoming Sikyong (Political Leader) election, and posed some direct questions related to his Administration over the past four and half years. The incumbent Sikyong’s strong contender is the incumbent Tibetan Parliament Speaker, Mr Penpa Tsering, who recently … Continue reading

A referendum to end the crisis in Tibet

By Tsering Passang (First published on 30 August 2012 by openDemocracy.net) Allowing Tibetans in Tibet to choose their own destiny may be the only way to end the current crisis and political deadlock. In November 2008, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile convened the First Special General Meeting on Tibet in Dharamsala, northern India, attracting 560 Tibetan delegates … Continue reading

China’s convenient truths about Tibet

Letter to The Editor: The Guardian, Wednesday 30 November 2011 21.00 GMT Dai Qingli has entirely failed to recognise the Chinese government’s wronged policies in Tibet that subsequently led to 12 young Tibetans resorting to self-immolation since 2009 (Letters, 26 November). The allegation that it is highly likely these Tibetans have “fallen victim to the control of an abnormal force” … Continue reading

Securing Tibetan people’s interests: The Dalai Lama knows best

By Tsering Passang (First published by Tibet Society, 26 April 2011) “The Fourteenth Dalai Lama will be compelled to do this at whatever cost to Tibet; and, paradoxically, the only way by which he might ultimately betray his people is by refusing to do it.” (From: ‘The Presence of Tibet’ by British author, Lois Lang-Sims, 1963) … Continue reading

Thin Ice on the Horizon for Tibetans in Nepal

A personal observation on the situation of Tibetans in Nepal with special reference to Mustang By Tsering Passang (First published by The Nepal Monitor on 3rd October 2009) A brief history – Mustang and Tibet connection The ancient kingdom of Lo, also known as the forbidden kingdom of Mustang, is situated in a spectacular location … Continue reading

The China-Tibet Conflict: Need for Historic Decisions

A personal opinion on the Sino-Tibetan relations By Tsering Passang (First published by Phayul.com, 9th October 2008) Both Beijing and Dharamsala frequently reiterate their ‘sincerity’ in the search for a resolution of the China-Tibet conflict. As an ordinary Tibetan I welcome any positive moves from either side. Since the Chinese and Tibetan officials in Beijing, … Continue reading